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Comfortably Uncomfortable

What Does EMS Feel Like?

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What does EMS feel like?

The recommended intensity will vary between trained and untrained individuals. According to Paavo, 2003   it is equal to the specified voluntary isometric contraction strength or mostly of a value corresponding to the tolerance of the subject. The desired intensity varies from one client to another depending on certain responses:

  • Individual sensation
  • Resistance of the skin
  • Size of the muscles
  • In addition, intensity may also vary from session to another depending on several factors.

We always state that a reasonable starting point of tolerance for each individual should be Comfortably Uncomfortable. Our objective is to still achieve full range of motion for the movements during each of  your training session.

What Does Comfortably Uncomfortable Mean? Threshold Zones That Help Identify The Training Zone To Be In

This is a quick guide to help you identify and understand the ideal zone to be in for when you are training with EMS. This can take multiple sessions to get familiar with and can be subject to a workout to workout basis depending on your energy levels, hydration, mood, and overall energy.

The Dial In consist of three different zones: Detection threshold, Motoric threshold, Pain threshold.

1. Sensory Neurons

Firstly, sensory neurons are excited as the intensity of the impulse increases, which means that the detection threshold is reached. Most people feel a giggling sensation and it feels like a nice gentle massage

2. Detection Zone

In the detection zone, the sensation of the electric current is still a mild sensation, a more obvious tingling sensation will be felt. Further increase in impulse intensity means that motoric neurons and muscle cells are also stimulated.

3. Muscle Contraction Zone

Muscle Contraction Zone is the target zone during EMS training. As the intensity of the impulse increases, more intensive muscle work is achieved. This is the zone we call comfortably uncomfortable.

4. Pain Threshold

Once the intensity gets to high you reach the pain threshold. This must obviously be avoided. You will know you are too high with the intensity as you will struggle to maintain form and range of motion with each movement you do.