Train with purpose, the end goal always gives you the place to point your focus. Results are based off effort, attitude & the willingness to change. The best changes come from knowing what you personally want to change and then making it happen.

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personal training systems

Personal Training

Our personal training systems are designed to fit into your lifestyle and training needs. We can use a mix of traditional strength and conditioning methods or a blend of cross training hybrid methods to ensure we challenge and keep you engaged throughout your fitness journey with us. Our sessions are time efficient and effective. We allocate 35 minutes per session and have a warm up area with pre session movement patterns that must be performed prior to your training. We ask that you arrive 5 to 10 minutes early so you are primed for your workout.

stimulation through the muscular system

EMS Personal Training

EMS training is slightly different to traditional personal training as we have a greater amount of stimulation through the muscular system and are able to contract up to 300 muscles simultaneously. We use functional movements within the session and use a full body workout approach. Each session lasts 22 minutes however we allow a total time of 35 minutes for suit up/suit off. The session includes a warm up and cool down in the suit as well as the main workout. You also have the ability to come in early if you feel you need to warm up in the more traditional way before your training session.

circulatory mechanisms

EMS For Recovery

We utilise active EMS recovery protocols to encourage circulatory mechanisms within the body to help facilitate a more complete and expedient recovery process. The key benefits of using an EMS recovery protocol post training or adding it into your training week means we can accelerate your recovery phase much faster. Low frequency EMS stimulation is designed to reduce soreness and pump fresh oxygen and nutrients to the muscles much faster than traditional recovery protocols. EMS will help facilitate the flush of toxins and promote greater nutrient uptake.

maximal muscle activation

EMS For Rehabilitation

EMS will aid in pain relief and maximal muscle activation. Physiotherapists and other health professionals have been using EMS as a rehabilitation tool for over 30 years. EMS is the ideal rehabilitation tool to increase and preserve muscle function as well as mass for individuals with muscle weaknesses . Ideal for those who are post operation or coming back from injury as we can stimulate muscles that have been inactive for a period of time.