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Can EMS training improve performance?

EMS for Performance

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Can EMS training improve performance?

In short – Yes! To maximise your performance it is best to have a combination of both EMS and traditional training methods. It is not an EMS vs traditional training situation.

EMS was used as a performance tool back in the communist block in the 1950’s and emerged into Western society in the 1970’s. It was shown that the maximal muscle contraction with EMS can be 30% higher over a maximal voluntary contraction.

For a greater understanding of muscle contraction visit the science page.

the research!

Research has proven that EMS works

EMS has had many positive results in strength enhancement and performance gains.  As with any training methods it is about using EMS effectively.  Your trained EMS coach will be able to specify the correct settings, timings, frequency and overall volume to maximise the performance goals you have.

Life comes with much stress, physically and psychologically

Excessive fatigue and low performance!

It has been well documented that many of the world’s top athletes use a combination of both EMS and traditional training methods. Coaches with a knowledge of EMS are able to integrate the units of EMS training into a well-developed conventional programme as well. Many research studies have shown that only focusing on EMS will at best give the same results as traditional training methods. Often athletes become fatigued with continual training, one of the benefits of EMS is that it requires no central nervous system input and therefore lessens the effects of fatigue. The combination of both EMS and traditional training has been shown to provide a significant advantage over just using one method over the other. This is due to the cumulative effect of both methods that creates a super charged training regime without the energy cost on the athlete.

Modern life comes with much accumulated stress both physically and psychologically, this can be heightened in athletes as they are asking their bodies to perform at such high levels. This accumulated stress can then cause excessive fatigue and interfere with performance levels. Relying completely on strength training to prepare athletes is now known to be more of a hinderance than a benefit. EMS enables the athlete to completely contract a muscle group more effectively than simply lifting weights. This is even more prominent when focussing on fast-twitch muscle fibre, which can easily be targeted with the correct frequency.

Using EMS as the sole training method would only be recommended for rehabilitation reasons. For athletes wanting to improve their overall performance, we would always recommend a well-structured programme that integrates EMS with traditional training methods.