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Accelerate Your Recovery

EMS for Recovery & Rehabilitation

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Flush out unwanted toxins and improve circulation

Professional athlete, a fitness fanatic or someone looking for recovery

Whether you are a professional athlete, a fitness fanatic or simply someone looking for an effective method for recovery, EMS could be the answer you have been looking for.  Full body recovery with Exoflow EMS is a painless way to flush out unwanted toxins and improve circulation.  There are many benefits to EMS recovery and EMS Tens, here are just the top 5 reasons it is amazing:

  • It accelerates the recovery process.
  • It makes pain management more manageable.
  • It reduces muscle damage.
  • It increases explosive strength.
  • It enables you to complete a recovery programme while avoiding training fatigue.
  • It is scientifically proven with decades of research to support it.

EMS makes it possible to speed up muscle recovery either straight after a workout or on your off days.  EMS promotes “active” recovery protocols that encourage circulatory mechanisms within the body and help facilitate a more complete and expedient recovery.  While most people will prioritise their workout over any recovery session, the science actually proves that the recovery is as important if not more so.  When the body is exposed to stress (i.e. your workout), it begins a biological process to respond to that stress, recover and compensate so that you will be better able to handle similar future stressors. This is called the stress-adaptation-recovery cycle, which causes your muscles to tear and break down.  During the adaptation and recovery stages is when your muscles actually become stronger.  This means that the post-workout time is when you recover and repair muscles, reduce soreness, replenish energy and build muscle. Using EMS correctly and consistently in between workouts not only helps speed up muscle recovery, but also has the potential to prevent muscle injury and protect joints.

Recovery & Rehabilitation

Muscle strengthening before surgery

Everyone knows what rehabilitation is but why start the journey there? Prehabilitation is a proactive approach to avoiding further pain, weakness and injury in a particular area, and helps speed up rehabilitation. EMS training can be especially effective during this phase. Due to its intensive activation of muscles, it effectively strengthens tissues, provides stability around vulnerable areas and improves joint function—elements that reduce the potential for injury while trying to rehabilitate a particular body area..

Enable training of weak or atrophied muscles

Muscle atrophy is a condition that occurs when someone has a neuromuscular imbalance or incurs a musculoskeletal injury that renders them unable to use their muscles with the usual frequency. Muscles essentially become weaker. Muscle contractions are the only way to strengthen muscles, which can be tricky to achieve in atrophied muscles especially as it is that muscle and the ones surrounding it that need to contract.  EMS can assist in creating a connection between the motor nerve and the muscle to give the body the signal to contract the muscle, which in turn enables the strengthening of muscles with less pain.  EMS utilises the entire motor unit and is able to create muscle contractions over a larger and deeper area.  This not only makes it possible to strengthen muscles but it also allows it to happen faster because of the intensity of the long contraction facilitated by the EMS training suit.

Rebalance muscular system

This allows you to not only build on your already strong muscles but to also strengthen weaker ones simultaneously. This rebalances your overall muscle strength, a key issue for persons who previously lost mobility in a part of their body due to injury.

Exoflow recommends EMS training, in accodance with your health, fitness and lifestyle needs. It is not a one session fits all approach.

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