Train with purpose, the end goal always gives you the place to point your focus. Results are based off effort, attitude & the willingness to change. The best changes come from knowing what you personally want to change and then making it happen.

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Exoflow is a personal training studio that specialises in both traditional training methods as well as the newer approaches with whole-body Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS). EMS is designed to boost the results derived from your traditional workout. Having the ability to create a faster mind-muscle connection and tap into your deeper muscle fibres EMS is a sure thing to help you get your results faster. In addition to our personal training services, we offer the benefits of EMS for both rehabilitation and recovery for those returning from injury or post-op, and for those pros out there needing a more science-based approach to recover faster and perform better. Come in and electrify your senses to reach the ultimate goals you desire

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