Train with purpose, the end goal always gives you the place to point your focus. Results are based off effort, attitude & the willingness to change. The best changes come from knowing what you personally want to change and then making it happen.

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Step 4: Your First Workout

Step 4: Your First Workout

Your first EMS session involves us dialling in the whole body EMS suit. Each muscle group will be dialled in individually to an intensity that feels comfortably uncomfortable. Remember, we need you to be able to move through full range of motion for each movement we do so don’t over exceed your tolerance for the stimulation the EMS suit provides.

The great thing is that we have the ability to save your data so you will only ever need to be dialled in to the suit once. That means no time lost re dialling the suit in each time you have an EMS session.

Our goal is to not to ‘smash you’ and give you DOMS (daily onset muscle soreness) for four days after your first workout.  That is not the wow factor we at Exoflow are chasing. We want to familiarise you on how to move in the suit. We do this by addressing functional movement patterns while focusing on the 3 planes of movements (Linier, Sagittal, Transvers). Once we have addressed this, we engage in a workout that is suited to the outcomes we address in your consult.