Train with purpose, the end goal always gives you the place to point your focus. Results are based off effort, attitude & the willingness to change. The best changes come from knowing what you personally want to change and then making it happen.

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what we do

We create time efficient fitness solutions to inspire those with time poor fitness habits

As a society we should have a pretty open understanding on the importance of exercise. There are countless studies identifying the health benefits associated with staying active. Those include: Improvements in mental wellbeing and the easing of anxiety as well as improvements in cardiovascular health, strength and body recomposition.

At ExoFlow we offer a personalised Whole Body Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES) training service that is located in the heart of Guildford. We are the first EMS studio in Western Australia offering this unique training tool as a personalized training modality.

EMS is a fast and effective way to keep active and stay healthy, did we mention that is a action packed 90 minute workout condensed into 20 minutes. Crazy! Welcome to the future of training.

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Functional outcomes for better movement & performance

Dynamic strength, complex motor performance and explosive movements are typically obtained when EMS is used in conjunction with specific training modalities.

Therefor at ExoFlow we promote two specific systems of training:

  • The first being a hybrid method of training that incorporates the use of NMES with traditional movement systems specific to your training goals.
  • EMS on its own that we match into your health and lifestyle needs. Daily movement & nutrition are key factors that are addressed when promoting healthy living.
what we do

Personalised EMS is finally here.

Movement and training needs differ quite considerably amongst individuals. Moving efficiently for life and moving efficiently for your sporting needs differ quite considerably. With our EMS technology, we have the ability to adjust the training system to specifically target your desired needs. With the aid of NMES we can improve:

  • Body Recomposition: Hypertrophy/Fat Loss
  • Isometric maximal strength
  • Strength & Power
  • Muscular Endurance
  • Recovery & Post Injury rehabilitation
  • Improvement in Range of Motion

EMS is low impact and can put less pressure on your joints during your specific workout.

Exoflow recommends EMS training, in accodance with your health, fitness and lifestyle needs. It is not a one session fits all approach.

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